Jen Shafer


Jen Shafer is a designer, social scientist, and entrepreneur. After earning a B.A. in Psychology from Rice University in Houston, she began her career as a mergers and acquisitions consultant working with clients in energy, technology, and healthcare. Eager to experience life in the Big Apple, she then worked at Estée Lauder in NYC as a service designer and talent strategist. Jen’s work has always been multi-disciplinary, and she sought an integrated approach to learning, as well –she recently graduated with an M.S. from MIT in the Integrated Design & Management program where students from design, business, and engineering backgrounds come together to tackle complex problems using human-centered design. At MIT Jen became a part of the thriving entrepreneurial community; her ventures have been funded through the Harvard iLabs and the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund, and she was the director of the $50K Water Innovation Prize student start-up competition. Now Jen seeks to create equitable products and services that foster connection, and she is passionate about storytelling, conversation, and inter-generational dialogue. Jen enjoys yoga and Boston summers and hopes that you are registered to vote.