Seeding the Future

Seeding and accelerating innovative, multidisciplinary, and scalable approaches to create solutions that sustainably improve the food supply and reduce chronic hunger.

Started by Dr. Bernhard van Lengerich, Seeding the Future (STF) van Lengerich Foundation, is looking to feed “the next billion” by supporting robust and scalable solutions with the highest long-term impact

Program Overview

With climate change, inequities, and increasing population concerns becoming ever more omnipresence in the conversation around nutrition and food systems, there is an urgent need for impactful solutions. The Seeding the Future Foundation has generously provided funding for the Seeding the Future Food Systems Innovation Lab at the Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute in order to continue working towards developing these immensely needed large-scale ideas and solutions.

The Food Systems Innovation Lab sponsors graduate students from across Tufts University to learn and apply human centered design skills in a real-world context. The purpose of this Lab is to utilize human-centered design thinking with a nutrition-first approach, to leverage diverse skillsets for top of the funnel ideation that inspires venture creators to scale transformative changes within our food systems. Students at the lab work in interdisciplinary teams to explore problems and identify and implement solutions in a client-facing context, and have opportunities travel abroad for summer internships to apply these skills.