Start-up Challenges

We collaborate with ecosystem stakeholders and external partners to sponsor start-up challenges for up-and-coming innovators and ideas.

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Current Challenge

Innovate Forward: The Longevity Challenge

Learn more about the need for innovation and the call to action from the Nestlé Health Science newsroom.

Innovate Forward: The Longevity Challenge is a joint initiative created to accelerate innovation in longevity and support healthy aging. The initiative focuses on cognitive, gut, and metabolic health, which evolve with aging and have a significant impact on overall quality of life.

The Longevity Challenge is intended to help develop new, impactful solutions to benefit health and wellness for an aging population. To that end, Nestlé Health Science and the Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute are engaging and supporting the startup and entrepreneur community to help drive new solutions for improved longevity. The initiative calls on startups to join a competition, focusing on advancing science and helping participants drive their businesses forward. Winning ideas will receive strategic resources and insightful expertise to help address business challenges and accelerate their innovation.

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