Tufts $100k Friedman Prize

How Does the Competition Work?

The Tufts $100K is a new ventures competition brought to you by the Derby Center for Entrepreneurship at Tufts. As part of this competition, the Friedman School awards a $10K cash prize and a one year membership to the Food & Nutrition Innovation Council to the venture that best advances nutrition science and/or food system innovation.

To enter the Competition and compete for the Friedman Prize, please visit the $100k New Ventures Competition website.

The 2024 Competition

In 2024, teams are invited to compete for The Friedman Food & Nutrition Innovation $10k Prize through the Derby Entrepreneurship Center’s $100k New Ventures Competition.

The Friedman Food & Nutrition Innovation $10k Prize, sponsored by the Tufts Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute, is a $10k prize awarded at the Tufts Derby Center for Entrepreneurship $100k New Ventures Competition. For 2024, qualifying teams entering the Tufts $100k will be invited to also compete for the Friedman Food & Nutrition Innovation $10k Prize. This prize will be considered for any competing venture that focuses specifically on food system innovation and/or nutrition and creatively tackles the numerous opportunities and challenges related to food, wellness and sustainability. We encourage diverse and creative submissions and interdisciplinary teams.

Winners also receive up to $10,000 of in-kind legal support from Foley & Lardner, LLP.

Past Winners

2023 – Duo Toothpaste

Duo Toothpaste is the first oral care company conceived as a sustainable premium wellness brand. Duo is on a mission to reduce single-use plastic and to turn brushing teeth from a chore into a craved act of self-care with bespoke flavors and functional vitamins and supplements that are absorbed through your mouth while you brush.

2023 – P107 Drone Service

P107 Drone Service is a precision agriculture company based in rural Louisiana, offering drone-based crop health analysis, topographic mapping, and hydrology analysis to farmers, livestock keepers, and other relevant stakeholders. By providing high-resolution crop health data, P107 will help farmers improve crop management practices, decrease fertilizer costs, mitigate risks, and increase yields.

2022 – Traveling Tummies

Traveling Tummies is a culturally relevant, nutritious baby food start-up.

2021 – CorePerform

Core Perform is a nutrition science platform that bridges food and science to optimize metabolism.

2020 – The Sacramento Valley Food Hub

The Sacramento Valley Food Hub is a food distribution platform connecting beginning farmers with schools, hospitals, and other institutional customers.