Gbenga Sadik


Oluwagbenga Sadik is a graduate student at the Friedman School for Nutrition, Tufts University, where he is studying to obtain an MSc in Food and Nutrition Policy and Programs. ‘Gbenga has a background in Human Nutrition from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and has done numerous work in the past to advance nutrition interventions in Nigeria through advocacy and research. He was employed as a Nutrition Policy Analyst with the Nigeria Governors’ Forum Secretariat, where he carried out activities to put nutrition on the political agenda at the subnational level of governance in Nigeria. As an undergraduate student, Sadik led the University of Ibadan’s Literary and Debating Society to win multiple debates and public speaking competitions and won several individual and team awards. He also co-founded Facts Count, a social enterprise focused on using data to influence policy and business outcomes. His start-up participated in the regional semifinals of the Hult Prize Student Enterprise in Boston in 2017. ‘Gbenga’s goal is to become a major influencer of nutrition policy in Africa through evidence-based action.