Elena Naumova


Dr. Naumova’s research activities span a broad range of research programs in emerging and re-emerging diseases, environmental epidemiology, molecular biology, nutrition, and growth. Her primary expertise is in development of analytical tools for spatio-temporal and longitudinal data analysis applied to disease surveillance, exposure assessment, and studies of growth; creation and application of statistical tools to evaluate the influence of an extreme and/or intermediate event on spatial and temporal patterns.

Dr. Naumova participates in international projects collaborating with epidemiologists, immunologists, and public health professionals in India, Kenya, Ghana, Ecuador, Japan, Canada, UK, and Russia. She applies theoretical work to studies of infections sensitive to climate variations and extreme weather events and facilitates utilization of novel data sources, including remote sensing data and satellite imagery for better understanding the nature and etiology of diseases on local and global scales. She is involved in a number of observational studies, meta-analyses, and clinical trials with complex schemes of recruitments, including birth cohorts studies with staggered enrollment and randomization at a household level. She utilizes multi-sourced environmetal databases, climate data repositories, and vital and hospitalization records, including Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and U.S. Census databases.

Naumova serves on research review panels and editorial boards of scientific journals with the goal to shape and implement institutional policies on data sharing and management, data quality assurance and information security. As a Director of the NIH-sponsored Tufts Initiative for Forecasting and Modeling of Infectious Diseases (InForMID), she has set up workshops and training programs to support field research and analytical assessment of research data, advisied over 60 PhD/MS/MPH students at Tufts and co-directed the Tufts Institute of the Environment, an outstanding supporter for research projects for Tufts graduate students.