Aarti Singh


Aarti has received her education in the field of Agroforestry from India. She has been working for the last five years in the field of sustainable agriculture. Her work focused to study the role of women in Indian agriculture, the impact of socio-economic factors on agroforestry models, and understanding the role of the community in agricultural practices and climate change. She has been involved in multiple projects with government and private organizations. National Bank of Agriculture and rural development, India funded her study” Formation of producer organizations-issues, inhibition, hinderances and solutions”. She has also spent some time as a lecturer at Jharkhand Rai University and St. Xavier’s College in Ranchi, India. She has served as a research fellow in the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources Regional Station funded by the Directorate of Biotechnology, India to study “Characterization of genetic resources for genetic enhancement and improvement of minor pulses”. Aarti has an interest in sustainable agriculture focusing on one health towards better agriculture models that can help in improving agricultural production, the health of farmer and help in combatting climate change.