The Food & Nutrition Innovation Council

About the Innovation Council

The Food and Innovation Council brings together diverse stakeholders to achieve our mission, including established companies and exciting start-ups in healthcare, wellness, food and agriculture, investment funds, nonprofit ventures, and advocacy. Read more about related activities that many of our council members are a part of. Join us and add your organization to the growing roster of Food and Nutrition Innovation Council members.

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No activities of the Food and Innovation Council shall allow or facilitate any influence over Tufts’ research results, patient care or academic programs and neither Tufts’ name nor the School’s name, nor the activities of the Food and Innovation Council, may be used to promote or endorse members or their products/services. The Council Members will be identified as such on the Friedman School’s website and each Council Member may state that it is “a member of the Food and Nutrition Innovation Council.” No other statements about the Food and Innovation Council and a Council Member’s involvement in the Food and Innovation Council may be made by a Council Member or its affiliates without the prior written approval of Tufts University.